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Food to increase sperm counts Which Food is Right for your virility?

Before we learn about food to increase sperm counts, there is an important thing you must know as a male. It does not matter how bigger and longer organ you have under the pants, producing quality semen with enough number of sperm count is an all different capability. Unfortunately, there is a belief among men that the person having bigger, thicker and longer penis will have all the capabilities that meet the masculinity but then, if the sperm count is low, he faces a lot of difficulties in producing progeny. Also, many sex health experts believe that little quantity of ejaculation with low sperm count in it may not get the man and his sexual partner the pleasure they seek.

Is there any food to increase sperm counts?

On the market, there are many supplements to increase penis size but then, if you need sperm count increase, you must depend on certain special sperm count enhancing supplements and also the food that increase sperm count. Though modern medicines do not narrate any food to increase sperm count, ancient wisdom like Ayurveda and Chinese medicines have enough description on it. Holy texts of Ayurveda and other natural health medical systems have a note on specific herbs and foods that increase sperm counts.

Let us learn some of the important and known foods to boost sperm count :-

Milk: According to Ayurveda, the milk is one of the best foods to increase sperm count. It helps in producing quality sperms that are capable enough to travel longer and penetrate the ovum resulting into successful intercourse for producing a healthy baby. Milk has properties that are quite similar to the male semen and hence, adding milk to your diet is the best way to increase sperm counts. Here, a note is to be taken that you should not add sugar in the milk as it prevents milk from being digested in the intestines.

Carrots, oats, red peppers and apricots: These foods are rich in vitamin A and hence, are considered to be best foods to increase sperm count. Deficiency in vitamin A has been linked with infertility because of sluggish and weakened sperm. Diet that contains these foods is recommended for a man with low sperm count.

Eggs, pumpkin, turkey and seafood: It is a known fact that deficiency of zinc can result in low level of testosterone (the male hormone) and low sperm counts. The foods described here are rich in zinc and hence, are considered to be best foods to increase sperm count. You can also include yogurt, oat, corn and beef for the sake of supplying enough zinc quantity to increase sperm counts.

Walnuts, salmon and sardines: If the sperm count is less due to improper blood flow and supply, taking any of these food increases sperm count potentially. DHA and other essential Omega 3 fatty acids have shown improving the blood flow within male genital organs and hence, heighten the sexual capacity.

These are the foods that help in increase sperm count. Apart from these, there are certain Ayurvedic medicines such as Butea Superba that are considered to be good herbal food or diet to increase sperm counts.


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